Propeg SAPDA

INCI: Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine

Use Level: 2 - 20% depending on application

Packaging: 25 kg bags

Applications For Use: Skin Care, Hair Care, Skin & Hair Conditioning, Body Care

Short Description:

Propeg SAPDA is a fatty amido amine that is neutralized with an organic acid to become an amine salt. It provides conditioning characteristics as it becomes a cationic surfactant.

A great alternative to conventional conditioners such as CTAC.

Excellent option to create a synergistic effect with CTAC and BTAC.

Ninety-eight percent (98%) of it fatty chain are C18, thus it provides high performing soothing properties.


Propeg SAPDA is compatible with anionic surfactants, therefore it does not produce turbidity when used in shampoos.

It provides conditioning and viscosity in shampoo formulations and will not decrease their foaming action.