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"Advancing the Beauty with a Conscience Movement"

No longer a trend, the groundswell demand for healthy, clean beauty products has permanently created a lasting and overarching “Beauty with a Conscience” Movement. Toxic, unsafe, and ill-perceived ingredients are driving consumer demand for clean and natural alternatives that are user and environmentally safe, and ethically and sustainably sourced.

At Integrity Ingredients Corporation (IIC), we are Advancing the “Beauty with a Conscience” Movement in our efforts to globally commercialize highly efficacious technologies derived from indigenous cultures who are in desperate socio-economic need. In addition, we actively seek natural, innovative ingredients that feature a reduced carbon footprint and proven, sustainable traceability from farm-to-formula. To date, significant financial investments have been made in needy communities in Alaska, West Africa, Quebec, Canada and Columbia, South America and more.

Alaska and Quebec, Canada

IIC has partnered with local US and Canadian communities to commercialize approximately 20 wildcrafted berries, mushrooms, plants and pure plant waters. They are derived from the pristine ecosystems of the Boreal Forests located in Alaska and Quebec’s sub-arctic region, the Lower North Shore. Due to past economic-political factors, the fishing industry had been nearly destroyed, and the local unemployment rate increased to more than 50%.


IIC’s commercialization efforts have significantly increased employment opportunities, bringing back families previously forced to move away. Now, the Lower North Shore region is bustling with reunited, happy people who prosper through the local manufacturing of indigenous, nutrient rich ingredients. Some of these products feature ORAC values > 700 and are extraordinarily rich in vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols and Omega fatty acids.

Colombia, South America

Natural Preservatives with Enzyme Technology

Pinna Leaf NP™ and Jakabix™ NP 5.2 are IIC’s robust, 100% natural, broad-spectrum, stand-alone preservative systems that feature a unique blend of BioZymes™, botanical actives and antimicrobials. Both preservatives are extremely powerful and are gram-negative, gram-positive, as well as yeast and mold resistant. Manufactured by Biofos in Colombia, South America, the preservatives are derived from sustainable, global biodiverse sources. To support the company’s production efforts both economically and in their social responsibility initiatives, IIC helps Biofos to hire local farm workers who work continuously to plant new crops. Their efforts to repopulate the fields with all that the company harvests for their products, in turn facilitates a complete cycle of sustainability.

The preservatives are clear, transparent, nearly odorless liquids that function at a broad pH range of 4 to 10.  They are soluble in water, work perfectly in the water phase of emulsions and are partially soluble in oils.  Very stable, neither the Pinna Leaf NP™ nor the Jakabix™ NP 5.2 will degrade the foaming action of surfactant systems, nor cause formula odors. Versatile for use in all personal care formulations, they are also safe for eye and lip applications.  IIC has executed extensive testing in numerous formulations that have shown that both Pinna Leaf NP™ and Jakabix™ NP 5.2 function perfectly as stand-alone preservatives, therefore, no auxiliary materials are required. Pinna Leaf NP™ is also China Compliant.

Kahai™ (Cacay) Oil

IIC actively supports the employment of the local Colombian community who harvest the Cacay nuts that are then sustainably manufactured to produce the oil within their region. Highly nourishing, Cacay Oil contains 50% more Vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid than Argan Oil. Cacay Oil is a 100% natural, highly efficacious, anti-aging dry oil that is extremely rich in natural Vitamin C as well as high amounts of Vitamins E and F. Clinical studies conducted on the oil show 95% improvement in skin wrinkle reduction, 100% in hydration, 100% in skin firmness, 85% in skin smoothness and 80% in skin elasticity.

MagNUT Sense Oil

MagNUT Sense Oil is a 100% natural, virgin oil harvested from the Monkey Pot tree grown in the Colombian Caribbean along the Magdalena River banks. Income opportunities for the region are extremely scarce, and the population often resorts to deforestation for employment. We employ the locals to protect the trees and to harvest the MagNUT which are collected by hand and cold pressed to preserve their purity and efficacy. It is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants, Omega’s 3, 6, and 9 and its fatty acid profile is greater than 70%.

MagNUT is also a rare and powerful source of natural Selenium that helps to firm the skin and deliver antioxidant defense.  Upon application, the oil forms an elegantly dry, protective film that promotes long term hydration and prevents moisture loss.  A clinical study proved that MagNUT Sense Oil significantly reduced wrinkles in 90% of the volunteers at 4 weeks.

West Africa

We are in partnership with AAK who supplies approximately 80% of the global Shea market and IIC in turn supplies Shea products to the greater part of the United States. We are proud to acknowledge that AAK’s most noble accomplishment is its humanitarian support and monetary advancement for West African women. These women have been socio-economically suppressed within their native culture and have struggled physically and financially to protect and provide for themselves and their children. They have not only suffered the ravages of poverty but have often been subjected to rampant corporeal assault and abuse.

AAK teaches the local women how to protect themselves and their families, while also employing the adult females to collect the Shea nuts in the wild. They supply these women with all the necessary materials to purify the nuts right at the field collection sites. With AAK’s strong communal support coupled with the wages that the women earn, the community is actively progressing by building schools to educate all its people and more. We are humbled, but very honored to recognize that each one of these African women is advancing herself, her family, as well as her indigenous tribal culture. In turn, this collectively and significantly propels the entire community to learn, significantly grow, and to ultimately thrive.


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