IntegriVITAMIN D 75% Panthenol

INCI: Panthenol

Use Level: 0.2 - 4%

Packaging: 25 kg pail

Applications For Use: Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Hair Care, Skin & Hair Conditioning, Color Cosmetics, Sun Care, Body Care, Eye & Lip Care, Clean Beauty, Wellness

Short Description:

In topical cosmetics, product manufacturers often use panthenol as a moisturizer. It converts to Vitamin B5 in the skin and is also formulated in many cosmetics as a softening, soothing, and anti-irritant agent. It also helps your skin build up a barrier against irritation and water loss.

Vitamin B-5 is essential for the body, as well as for the skin, and hair. Panthemol is a derivative of Vitamin B5 and is a staple of many skin care products, such as lotions and cleansers. It’s also found in cosmetics such as lipstick, foundation, and mascara. Panthenol also appears in creams made to treat insect bites, poison ivy, and even diaper rash.

IntegriVITAMIN D 75% Panthenol is a slightly yellowish or colorless, clear solution of the pure substance in water. It is soluble in water, methanol, propylene glycol and ethanol. It is insoluble in fats and oils.


IntegriVITAMIN D 75% Panthenol is the Provitamin of D-Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), which plays a key role in the human intermediary metabolism. Deficiency of Vitamin B5 can result in many dermatological disorders.

IntegriVITAMIN D 75% Panthenol is applied in all types of cosmetic preparations for hair, skin and nail care. In weak acidic, aqueous solutions, D 75% Panthenol is considerably more stable than the salts of Pantothenic Acid and is unstable in strong acids and bases.