INCI: Soyamidopropylamine Oxide

Use Level: 1 - 5%

Packaging: 40 lb pail & 420 lb drum

Applications For Use: Detergents for cleansing. Wetting agents in perms. Foaming agents for shampoos. Emulsifiers in creams and lotions. Conditioning agents in skin and hair-care products. Solubilizers for perfumes and flavors.

Short Description:

IntegriFACTANT SDO 30 – Our contribution to Green Chemistry, using GMO-free Soybean Oil to “Advance the Beauty with a Conscience Movement” – to formulate from natural resources. It is also PEG-free and a smart alternative to DEA.


IntegriFACTANT SDO 30 is an exceptional foam booster for formulations such as shampoos, body washes, body creams and more.

Excellent salt-tolerance in formulations containing high levels of salt, such as hair dyes.

Superior foam-stability, even in low pH formulations.

Although it is more commonly known to replace nonionic surfactants, it can replace anionic surfactants for shampoo and body wash formulations.

Enables the development of mild- and low-irritant formulas by reducing or removing the SLES and DEA levels.

IntegriFACTANT SDO 30 is suitable for use in clear systems.