IntegriACTIVE Hair Thickening Complex

INCI: Panthenol (and) Hydrolyzed Oat Protein (and) Sea Salt (and) Water

Use Level: 4.5 - 8.5%

Packaging: 1, 5 & 20 kg

Applications For Use: Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Hair Care, Skin & Hair Conditioning, Color Cosmetics, Sun Care, Body Care, Eye & Lip Care, Clean Beauty, Wellness

Short Description:

IntegriACTIVE Hair Thickening Complex contains D-Panthenol is a racemic mixture of D and L-Panthenol. The DL forms are readily absorbed in the hair and skin where the D-Panthenol rapidly bio-converts into Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), a natural constituent of healthy hair.

Its high solubility in water permits Panthenol to strongly attach to the hair cuticle and deeply penetrates the cortex to fulfill its thickening and volumizing properties. In similar manner, its molecular structure has the ability to draw water from the atmosphere thus retaining moisture to the hair.


Additional benefits of Panthenol include:

Pantothenic Acid nourishes and conditions the hair
Strengthens hair roots and hair shaft
Coats, lubricates and seals the hair shaft providing luster/sheen to the hair
Provides long-lasting moisture which reduces the appearance of split ends
Helps reduce hair breakage on thermally and chemically-treated hair

HYDROLYZED OAT PROTEIN is a naturally-derived hydrolysate of oat proteins. An ingredient obtained through the process of hydrolysis resulting in the synthesis of low and high molecular weights peptides and amino acids. Due to its similar structure to hair keratin, these low molecular weights peptides and amino acids have strong affinity to the hair shaft to help in the repair of cracked and damaged cuticles.

In hair care, it works synergistically with Panthenol to:

Retain moisture
Add sheen
Soften and smooth the cuticle
Repair and provide protection for damaged, thermally and chemically treated hair
Prevent breakage due to mechanical stress such as repeated combing, brushing, curling and straightening.