AAK Lipex Shea L’Sens™

INCI: Soybean Glycerides (and) Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter Unsaponifiables

Use Level: 1 - 3% for lotions and creams 1 - 6% for body butters

Packaging: 9 & 185 kg

Applications For Use: Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Hair Care, Skin & Hair Conditioning, Color Cosmetics, Sun Care, Body Care, Eye & Lip Care, Clean Beauty, Wellness

Short Description:

A highly polar, semi-solid, shea-based oleogel for improving moisturizing, conditioning and light-reflecting benefits in skin, hair and lip care formulations.


-Film-forming properties improve moisturization and deliver a silky-soft after feel to the skin. When used as a component of the emollient phase in body care Lipex L’sens has been shown to improve skin barrier properties and significantly reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

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-High polarity controls texture in emulsion formulations, increasing spreadability and enhancing sensory benefits.

-High polarity also makes Lipex L’sens suitable for use in o/w and w/o formulations when combined with suitable emulsifiers.

-Film-forming properties improve softening and moisturizing benefits.

-Polar character ensures uniform pigment dispersion.

-High refractive index contributes to a gloss effect on the lips.

-High viscosity ensures long-term adhesion of the formulation to the lips.