INCI: Tridecapeptide-1

Use Level: 1 - 10% depending on application

Packaging: 1 kg 25 kg

Applications For Use: Skin Care, Color Cosmetics, Sun Care

Short Description:

BGT™ TDP-1 is a biochemically designed three-dimentional folded polypeptide spherical structure. It quickly penetrates and effectively binds the acetylcholine receptor sites to produce rapid wrinkle reduction to reduce the appearance of fine lines.


The formation of facial wrinkles is due to year of repeated facial expressions that contract and tighten the muscles’ memory. The most obvious locations are at the forehead and at the eye crow’s feet areas.

BGT™ TDP-1 effectively prevents the binding of acetylcholine to its receptor site to block the initiation of muscle contractions. This keeps the muscle in a relaxed state to further reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.