INCI: Isostearyl Hydroxystearate (and) Cocoyl Glutamic Acid

Use Level: 1 - 3%

Packaging: 1 kg 25 kg

Applications For Use: Facial Cleansers, Body Wash, Skincare, Baby Products & Hair Care

Short Description:

BGT™ SHCG is created from all natural raw materials and is environmentally friendly. It’s unique chemical structure combines an emollient ester and a natural surfactant to deliver extraordinary performance in personal care applications.

In personal cleansing product technology, the thickening and stabilizing of amino acid surfactant systems has always been challenging. The innovative, unique composition of BGT™ SHCG can provide a perfect solution to thicken amino acid surfactant systems for all rinse-off applications. Created exclusively by Bio Genetic Technology.


BGT™ SHCG is especially suitable for the preparation of high-viscosity fatty amino acid salt facial cleansing creams that are not subject to changes in all temperatures. The creamy cleansing product by BGT™ SHCG has very good thixotropy rheological property and it exhibits high-quality foams.

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BGT™ SHCG can greatly reduce the surfactants’ irritation and further provide moisturizing and repairing properties, which can make the skin soft and moisturized after washing.

The lypotropic liquid crystal formed by BGT™ SHCG can serve as a carrier to carry many active components to create very stable formulations. BGT™ SHCG is also an emulsifier with great skin feel, and can form stable, liquid crystal emulsions for all skin care products.