INCI: Phytosteryl / Octyldodecyl Lauroyl Glutamate

Use Level: 0.5 - 3%

Packaging: 1 kg 25 kg

Applications For Use: Skin Care, Color Cosmetics, Sun Care

Short Description:

BGT™ POLG is a pure plant-derived moisturizer that can form a lipid film on the skin surface, similar to the intercellular lipid structure in the skin. It acts as a skin barrier, moisturizer, and free radical scavenger. Due to its unique structure, it is a moisturizing emollient that mimics the ceramides in human skin. Created exclusively by Bio Genetic Technology.


BGT™ POLG can be used in all skin care applications. Due to BGT™ POLG’s emulsification capability and light skin feel, it creates beautifully light and bright products with superior moisture retention capability and delivers a skin softening after-feel. It can be used over a wide pH range.

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BGT™ POLG is a moisturizing emollient ester derived from 100% natural plants. It can form a lipid film on the skin surface, which is very similar to the lipid structure between cells in the skin. BGT™ POLG is derived from an amino-acid (glutamic acid) and phytosterol and can form lamellar liquid crystals similar to those formed in the skin between skin cells refered to as the lipid bilayer. This bilayer is the “”mortar”” between our skin cells and is critical to maintaining a healthy skin barrier, as well as locking in water in the upper layers of the skin.

BGT™ POLG is more effective than other emollients to recover damaged skin and improve rough skin conditions. Similar in structure to a ceramide, it has excellent emollient properties and delivers exceptional skin feel in all skin care products. It also contains phytosterols that provide anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. BGT™ POLG delivers excellent pigment dispersion and emulsion stability, which can effectively improve the feel of foundations and lipsticks.

Clinical studies show that BGT™ POLG:
– Has as similar structure to ceramide, thus it can form an emulsion with a liquid crystal structure and exhibit a super moisturizing effect.
– Can improve hair’s softness and luster of hair and improve wet / dry combing.