INCI: Diisostearyl Malate

Use Level: 3 - 8%

Packaging: 1 kg 25 kg

Applications For Use: Skin Care, Color Cosmetics

Short Description:

BGT™ DM has a unique chemical structure with a highly branched methyl and hydroxyl group that makes it an ideal, high-performance ingredient for color cosmetics.

BGT™ DM is a diester derived from natural malic acid and a unique, highly branched-chain of isostearyl alcohol. This chemical structure causes it to function as an excellent wetting agent and binder for powders and pigments. Its rich emolliency works excellently to prevent lipsticks and oil-based foundations from “sweating”.

It is used primarily in lipsticks and other lip-care products, as well as pressed powder and makeup and can also be used in skincare products. Created exclusively by Bio Genetic Technology.


– BGT™ DM is a multi-functional high polar diester which is predominantly used in lip products such as lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations and pressed powders etc.

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– Excellent compatibility with hydrocarbon oils and silicone oils.

– Clinical studies show that BGT™ DM :
– Is abie to load much more pigment and has much better spreadibility as compared to Castor Oil and the market standard Tricecyl Trimellitate.

– Imparts excellent speadabilty for colorants and delivers great slip.

– Reduce lipstick feathering and bleeding and helps to control the hardness of waxes.

– Superior to castor oil and other esters in oxidative stability.

– Exhibits lubricity without stickiness and oiliness.

– Delivers a rich and cushiony emolliency in creams and lotions.

– Features a low freeze point.