INCI: Distearyl N-Lauroyl Glutamate

Use Level: 1 - 3%

Packaging: 1 kg 25 kg

Applications For Use: Skincare, Baby Products, Hair Care, Color Cosmetics, Suncare

Short Description:

BGT™ DLG originates from all-natural raw materials and is environmentally friendly. It is an emollient ester that features strong emulsification capability.

A truly multi-functional ingredient that possesses emollient, emulsification, moisturizing, conditioning, and revitalizing properties. Created exclusively by Bio Genetic Technology.


Because of BGT™ DLG’s emulsification capability and light skin feel, it creates beautifully light and bright products with superior moisture retention capability and delivers a skin softening after-feel. It can be used over a wide pH range.

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– BGT™ DLG is a multi-functional ingredient for all skincare formulations. The product not only features high emolliency properties and superior skin-feel, but also features great emulsification capability.

– This product is a liquid crystal emulsifier that delivers intense moisture and helps to prevent water loss. Due to the formation of the lamellar liquid crystal emulsion, it can enhance barrier function of the stratum corneum to strengthen the intercellular lipid matrix to further prevent skin sagging.

– Works as a great hair conditioning agent that repairs hair damage, improves dry / wet combing and enhances the hair’s softness and luster.